6 Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer

A lot of people are taught from an early age about the more common symptoms of breast cancer. It is important to regularly self-screen for lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities surrounding the breast tissue. While these bumps can be scary, they do not always guarantee that they will lead to cancer.

6 Uncommon Signs of Breast Cancer

Even more pressing is the fact that there are many more, but lesser known, signs of breast cancer that many don’t know about. It is imperative to get in touch with a specialist for breast tumor treatment for regular checkups no matter the current state of your breast health. Today, we are going to review 6 uncommon signs of breast cancer that may indicate it’s time to visit your doctor.

Warmth, Redness, and Swelling

Does the skin around your breasts feel unusually warm? There is a chance your breasts could be swollen. A rare type of breast cancer known as IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) causes swollen lymph nodes under the arm, right next to the affected breast. This type of cancer does not usually create lumps, which is what makes it more difficult to detect.

Constantly Itching Breasts

Are your breasts itchier than normal? If there is an itch that just won’t go away, you might be dealing with undue irritation. Even if it is your bra causing you to itch, it is not normal for you to be constantly scratching your breasts. Feeling itchy or tingly may be a sign of spreading cancer as it causes the breakdown of fat cells. This process can be itchy or irritating for some time.

Sudden Red Spots

Waking up to see the sudden appearance of red spots on your breasts can be quite alarming. While not all rashes indicate cancer, a series of small, red, or purple spots similar to bug bites could be a sign of IBC. If your breasts are redder than usual, it might be time to get in touch with your cancer specialist for preventative treatments. Your rash could be harmless, but it could also be a rare symptom of cancer.

Breast Size Changes

One of the more alarming symptoms of possible breast cancer, but still one that is fairly uncommon, is the sudden change in breast size. While it is not out of the ordinary for breasts to change in shape and size over the years, especially after a life event such as pregnancy or menopause, a major change in breast size may be cause for alarm. It is especially alarming if the breast size changes result in asymmetrical breasts, completely changing their appearance in a short period of time.

Nipple Inversion

While a very rare occurrence, a nipple that flattens or turns inside out can be one of the biggest signs of rare breast cancer types. Also called nipple retraction, this is something that can occur once cancer has started to spread. Unless you have a genetic predisposition for nipple inversion, this occurrence is not normal and you need to get in touch with your doctor for treatment right away.

Skin Dimples

The more cancer advances through the body, the more of an effect it has on your skin. The texture of your breasts can actually change, creating a dimpled and scaly surface. If your skin is peeling or feels a lot rougher than usual, you might be feeling the effects of a rare form of cancer. This can cause your pores to widen as well, contributing to that dimpled look.

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