Breast Biopsy Preparation Guidelines

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Preparing for a breast biopsy can come with a lot of worries, fears, and questions. When consulting with your breast cancer surgeon about getting tested, a biopsy is typically one of the first steps in figuring out a diagnosis. A biopsy is a procedure that involves removing a tiny piece of tissue from your breast, so it can be further analyzed in a lab for an accurate diagnosis. This is the best way to tell whether or not there are cancer cells present in your body. Today, we will lay out some straightforward breast biopsy preparation guidelines so you know exactly what to expect. Breast Biopsy Preparation Guidelines Why You Might Need a Breast Biopsy Visiting your doctor for breast concerns can cause a number of worries, and you can go through a series of tests to narrow down possible medical conditions based on your symptoms. Whether or not …

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The Link Between Infertility Treatment and Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer and Infertility

According to, fertility treatments seem to affect breast cancer risk in younger women who succeed in conceiving. These findings are from a July 12, 2012, study by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Women whose fertility treatments resulted in conception were found more likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not conceive.

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Undergoing a Breast Biopsy in Austin

A biopsy is a sample of body tissue your doctor takes for the purpose of examining it more closely. Most people have heard about biopsies of lesions, tumors (also known as cysts,) or other masses which are suspected to be cancerous. A doctor should order a biopsy when a test suggests an area of tissue isn’t normal. In some cases, a biopsy of normal-appearing tissue may be done to check for cancer spread.

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