Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

concept of misconceptions about breast cancer

As one of the most common forms of cancer around the world, breast cancer is caused by a myriad of different conditions and produces a number of symptoms. People have had a wide range of experiences with breast cancer. So there remain a lot of myths surrounding the disease. Let’s break down some misconceptions about breast cancer. Misconceptions About Breast Cancer The best way to get ahead of cancer and utilize treatments effectively remainss to understand the facts as much as you can. Today, your trusted breast surgeon in Austin will talk about some of the biggest misconceptions about breast cancer. We break down the myths that can change the way you think about prevention and treatment. Only Women Get Breast Cancer Probably one of the most common misconceptions about this disease is that it only affects women. While folks with big breasts may be more likely to develop …

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Help for Staying Positive in Cancer Treatment

concept image of hope and staying in positive in cancer treatment

For most people, a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event. Reactions will vary based on the individual, but being told you have cancer will undoubtedly come with a touch of shock and even fear. Let’s look at some help for staying positive in cancer treatment. Help for Staying Positive in Cancer Treatment You may have heard some people argue that a positive outlook is key to long-term recovery, but the science doesn’t support that. What a positive outlook can do is help you to modulate your stress levels. It won’t always be possible to stay positive, but we do have some tips for the times when you want to be positive but just can’t. Join a Support Group Cancer treatment can be isolating. Everyone around you will be struggling to find ways to talk to you, and you may not have the patience to deal with your stress and …

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Help for When Your Spouse has Cancer

Concept image for helping spouse with cancer

No one wants to hear that their spouse has cancer. While you recognize that you cannot fully comprehend their experience, there are parts of it that are shared. Their fear and their pain will inevitably cause you fear and pain over the course of their treatment. Let’s look at options for help when your spouse has cancer. Help for When Your Spouse has Cancer The two may not be equal in terms of the physical consequences, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that your emotional health remains important. In fact, taking care of yourself is what is going to allow you to be there for your loved one through the entirety of this ordeal. Very few, if any, people can manage to pull that off without help. If you ever feel like cancer is affecting your relationship in a lasting manner or draining you of your reserves, you …

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Talking About Breast Cancer with Your Partner

breast cancer awareness photo

Receiving a positive breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. You are forced to face your own mortality with dizzying speed all while trying to process what needs to happen next. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. So let’s look at talking about breast cancer with your partner. Talking About Breast Cancer with Your Partner When you eventually leave your doctor’s office and go home, you have to figure out how to tell those closest to you. If you’re in a committed relationship, starting with your partner is usually the best course of action. Assuming your relationship is a loving and supportive one, your partner will be able to provide support as you inform others who need to know. Here are some tips on how you can talk about breast cancer with your partner. Start with the Facts Discussing cancer is likely to have a strong emotional effect. Sometimes the …

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Helping a Loved One During Chemo

Mother helping a loved one during chemo

There is no easy part of breast cancer. The initial surgery, chemotherapy, and reconstruction each have their own challenges. With that said, chemotherapy is often the most difficult and longest-lasting part of treatment. Let’s look at helping a loved one during chemo. Helping a Loved One During Chemo The extreme fatigue, constant nausea, and lack of reprieve makes chemotherapy physically and emotionally draining. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can help. From one family that went through breast cancer to another, here are the things you can do to make the biggest difference. Help Care for Dependents If there are young children or pets then helping to care for them is the best thing you can possibly do to help someone going through chemotherapy. You don’t have to be there long-term. The first two to three days after treatment are the worst. …

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Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery

Concept image for preparing for breast cancer surgery

It is never easy to deal with breast cancer. Even if your cancer is in its earliest stages, there will be challenges that you are not prepared to handle right away. For many patients, breast cancer surgery is the first of these hurdles. Let’s look at preparing for breast cancer surgery. Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery All surgeries are stressful. Recovery is always unpleasant. However, there is something radically different about waking up to a body that doesn’t quite feel or look like yours. The good news is that the transformation may not need to be quite so radical thanks to the skill of your breast cancer surgeon in Austin. Even so, you will still need to prepare physically and emotionally. Preparing Physically There’s a whole protocol designed to make sure that breast cancer surgery is as safe as possible for their patients. Unfortunately, it does mean jumping through …

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Managing Anxiety about Breast Cancer Risk

group of people Managing Anxiety about Breast Cancer Risk

It isn’t easy to just turn anxiety off, especially when it’s related to something as life-changing as cancer often is. With that said, the truth is that your anxiety isn’t helping, and it could actually be harming your general health. For people suffering from anxiety related to their breast cancer risk it’s vital to take action by managing their preventative health care and talking to a licensed psychologist. The Generational Trauma of Breast Cancer Watching a loved one, such as your mother, struggle through the trauma of breast cancer isn’t an experience you are likely to forget. Knowing that breast cancer can be hereditary doesn’t make it any easier. Even if your family member has a promising outcome and can return to life as normal, you’re stuck wondering if and when it will happen to you. In some ways, the looming threat of higher breast cancer risk makes it …

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Top 5 Breast Cancer Charities

Top 5 breast cancer charities.

Altruism is a beautiful thing. By donating even the smallest amount to a charity, you’re making a statement regarding your values and helping your chosen organization to reach their goals. For breast cancer survivors and the millions of people touched by their stories, donating to charities is a part of the healing process. For some, donating is an empowering action that allows them to feel like they are actively engaging in improving the future for people just like them. That being said, it pays to know what the most effective donation options are. Here are out top 5 breast cancer charities. Top 5 Breast Cancer Charities There are many different kinds of breast cancer charities. Some work to fund research into cures or potential surgical improvements. Other charities focus on providing care and resources to current breast cancer patients like those receiving breast cancer treatment in Austin. Regardless of …

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Helping a Loved One with Breast Cancer

Helping a loved one with breast cancer.

We live in a world where the general five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 90%. That survival rate is proof of the scientific advancement and empathy focused on breast cancer research. Together, scientists, medical care providers, and patient advocates have saved countless lives through the improvements in treatment that they made possible. Sadly, none of this changes the fact that a breast cancer diagnosis has an immediate effect on the patient and everyone they love. But how do you go about helping a loved one with breast cancer? Here in Austin, our breast cancer doctor is here to help every step. Whether you or a loved one is undergoing chemotherapy in Austin, we are by your side. Helping a Loved One with Breast Cancer The truth is that the process of healing cancer is traumatizing by itself. Even with the best possible prognosis, your loved one will need …

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Finding Support During Chemotherapy

Finding support during chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment can be the most challenging time of your life, but you aren’t alone: here are tips for finding support during chemotherapy. There is nothing quite like hearing a cancer diagnosis. The threat of mortality, the lost possibilities, and a future filled with uncertainty are aspects that no one can ignore. Yet, we constantly see images of the stoic cancer patient in media. These characters that just sit there, somehow totally at peace with their diagnosis, are not something that you have to aspire to be. You are allowed to be scared. You are allowed to be angry. These are all normal emotions that you should feel. However, it is possible to let them consume you, which could harm your chances of reaching a full recovery. The Complications of Chemo Learning to recognize your negative emotions without letting them take over your life is hard enough. Chemotherapy adds …

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